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Production Process

Every video production has a specific process. It normally takes 3 stages that should be followed closely and precisely in order to achieve the best result.


production process video This is the most important stage when working on a video.
This stage goes from the idea to the day recordings take place.

Pre-production is when we learn all about the idea the client wants to transmit, we put this ideas into words and basic images. All information such as company's pictures, logos, slides shows and products are gathered.

We have to consider who will be our target audience for this video, what is its propose, where is it going to be displayed. Once we know this, we can choose the formats, style and aesthetics the video will have. We develop the strategy on how to turn your ideas into a wonderful video.

We now have a solid structure where each segment of the video is defined: contents, graphic elements, animations, voice-over, music, etc.

All of this delivers a detailed script, which is presented to the client for review. Once the client approves it, we can move to the next stage.


process video production We now have the approved script, and it's time to put the strategy developed during pre-production into action.

The production team can perform the video shoot according to the script. It's very important to cover all the areas mentioned in the script.

We have a highly qualified team to guarantee the best quality in your video.


post production video Once we have all the footage required for the video, we begin the post-production stage. We capture all material and start editing according to the script. We include the required animations and motion graphics, opening and ending titles, voice-over and music, sound effects, credits, etc.
We work with a great team of editors, broadcasters, designers, and all personnel required according to each video. We are always going that extra mile to deliver only the highest quality products.


reviews ans delivery At last, we present the finished material to the client so he can review it and make any adjustments they might consider necessary.

To have the best process while working on a video, the pre-production stage is the key to every other aspect; this guarantees that from the beginning the expectations of the client will be met.

Finally we deliver the video in previously agreed formats such as:
--Internet compatible formats (MOV, WMV)