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We have experience in producing institutional and training videos for you company or business. Our goal in Master Corporate Video is to develop creative and high quality videos in order to satisfy our customers needs.


• Institutional video
• Personnel Training video
• Sales Conferences Video
• Publicity and Video on Internet
• Security and Hygiene video
• Corporate Video
• Commercials
• Promotional video
• Sales Conferences Video
• Events coverage

These are the most required types of videos by our clients:

Institucionals Videos

Institutional video

It’s the company’s image and the best tool to show -in a clear and direct way- different aspects of the organization such as services, products and Technology.

Personnel Training video

Capacitating Video

It’s the ideal way to show your personnel specific processes. The training video has higher advantages over conventional training since the information shown in the video might be explained in an enjoyable and dynamic way.

Introduction Video

Induction Video

Introduction for new people is a time consuming affair. For companies the task became daunting to give a new employee an overview of the company. This is where a well structured Introduction video or presentation can save a lot of time and money, making the original investment negligible.

Promotional video

Promotional video

It’s used in order to introduce new products or services to the market. The main target of the promotional video is to catch the attention of new customers.

Safety training video

safety training video

Safety has become a very important factor in industrial companies. People should work in safe environments and they should be given safety training. A safety training video can be the solution in most cases.

Video aniversario EmpresaVideo y cobertura de conferencias

The Videos for the Companies, or the type of video a company frequently requires are: Institutional Videos, Training Videos, Induction Videos, Sales Videos.

Besides this Videos for the Companies there are the kind of Videos that document internals social events; it can be a ceremony to grant an award for the employees; the celebration of a holiday, an Foundation Anniversary of the company, etc.

In Master Corporate Video, In addition of composing your Business or Institutional video, we deliver to you the recommended format for the video to be employ inside your web page, counting of being fast and with great quality.