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Teahbet – Motion Graphics Video

Benefits green tea

Animated Video pproduced for teahbet, this video shows the different benefits of consuming Green tea.

Teahbet has the main goal to delight its consumers with healthy and delicious beverages and to introduce them to a tea drinking culture.

Client: Teahbet

Line: Healthy Beverages and Food.
Location: Aguascalientes, Mexico
Sector: Food Products

Project Details

Characteristics: Promo Video, Animated Motion Graphics. Duration: 3:30 min (aprox) Categories: Teahbet Video Animation Type: Promo Video Produced by: Master Corporate Video
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Meet the process

  •  Process Analysis
    Parting from the client´s idea from his project. We investigate and analyze all information necessary for the company, the video´s objective, the use of it, who’s directed to, what makes you to stand out from the competency, etc.
  •  Pre-Production
    The planification of the Project start, with the requested information we defined the structure that will mark the approach and video style, is what we will see, which elements will use, Elaborate a script containing the message you wish deliver to the public.
  •  Video Production
    Begins the shooting on the designated location, Using HD professional devices and special equipment as: Drones for aerial shots, cranes, steadycams, and dolly, to give a “plus” to your video. Along with our expert team on the area, taking care of every detail, which guarantee every take to be of quality.
  •  Editing and Post-production
    Once the video recording is finished, the material is given to our post-production team, they will work on the video editing, add the voice off, animated graphic effects, animate the logo, titles or attractive elements that improve the video´s content, making it to stand out from the rest.
  •  Inspection and Adjustments
    When the video is ready, we hand over the video with the client to be check, waiting for commentaries to make an adjustment and that way be completely satisfy with the result. Now is, the time to share the video to your clients, prospects and providers on your web page and social networks!