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Importance of Training in Customer Service and Sales

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As we all know, training is done to improve the job and employee performs through a structured process with clearly defined goals.

A training video allows employees of a company or business to be more productive because they have a wider knowledge of the products and services they offer. They also learn to have a better understanding of their customers' needs.

Training increases the ability to negotiate and therefore increases the ability to sell.

It is easier to increase our productivity by training our staff using technological tools. A training video can be used for an infinite number of people at any time and anywhere.

In Master Corporate Video, we are experts in producing training videos. Training is a broad field, that's why we have made a general classification of these types of videos:

Introduction Videos
Training Videos
Videos for basic skills development
Video for managers' development

How much does a Training Video cost?

customers production training video service Although training has as main objective to improve productivity, it also offers other important benefits. One of them is the sense of ownership and development of the employees and collaborators, since the training process also makes them more suitable for the performance of their duties on the job; they also increase personal growth on the staff and better social skills.

training videos clients service So a good training video should be a very, very low investment in you consider the economic, productive and social benefits it generates.
If you want one of our consultants to give you a detailed report according to your needs and requirements you can fulfill our contact form and we will gladly offer you alternatives, plans and packages.

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Training videos for Hotels and Restaurants

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Master Corporate Video has offices in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. We offer training and promotional videos.

Training videos are primarily aimed at employees and collaborators such as waiters, cooks, chefs, housekeepers and hotel and restaurant staff.

Promotional videos serve as a marketing tool for restaurants, hotels or business owners who want to present their products, services, and promotions as well as to position a brand and help generate more sales and new customers.

Video Training for Waiters

When taking orders, the waiter becomes an adviser to the client and a salesman to the restaurant. This is why he/she must learn techniques to show a positive attitude, knowledge of the menu, the ingredients in each dish, and of preparation. Must be able to greet the customer and make them feel comfortable, be a team player and be organized, be aware of the recommendations of the chef, etc.

salesman restaurante training video These skills must be learned in training and mastered in the practice of everyday life.
A single waiter can make the difference between a mediocre restaurant and a successful restaurant, hence the importance of having motivated and skilled waiters.

Master Corporate Video helps you train and motivate your servers providing high level training to increase sales and improve service having as main goal customer satisfaction.

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What do We call service standards?

It is the set of elements the client recognizes and evaluates about what he is requesting and what he is receiving.

A training video is a powerful tool to improve the skills of the waiter and staff. One of the training objectives is to seek perfection in the process. Lets keep in mind that a positive and proactive attitude from the waiter can be significantly improved through training. Every day restaurant service standards are higher and this is due to the high competition in the market. Training also helps improve the response times of finished products.

Another important factor in the good performance of a restaurant is developing the ability and capacity to handle and store raw materials for food and drinks, as well as control of operating assets such as dishes, glassware and flatware and other kitchen utensils. All this applies to restaurants, cafes, hotels, room service, bar, etc.

We realize that a restaurant is not just about the kitchen, there's also the dinning room and we may say this particular area it's the sales room. All persons working in a restaurant should be trained not only to perform their functions but should also have a high level of emotional intelligence as there are many types of clients and a professional person would know how to address each one of them.

A very important element is the details, because the details are what make customers feel comfortable and welcome. The customer should feel that everything is in the right place and that we are always expecting him; hence the importance of a well-dressed table, proper glassware and silverware as well as the highest level of hygiene.
And of course the personal image of the waiter, his attire and hygiene habits are a very important issue in the gastronomic business. The server should be trained on every detail even in the way that he/she greets each costumer.

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